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Ever wanted to go to the moon? Well, buy Deliver Us The Moon key and you will get the first-hand experience of walking on that majestic and famed surface, solving puzzles and just having a true adventure in space (because what are the chances to actually get to do that?). Familiar problems The game’s premise is not an unusual one – the player controls the last astronaut from Earth, who is sent to the moon in order to find a way to save humanity since, in the not-so-distant future, Earth’s resources have been depleted and a solution has to be found. Travel to Earth's faithful satellite and search for humanity’s saving grace. Buy Deliver Us The Moon key and you will come face to face with very probable calamity… or at least you will get a great journey out of it! Discover the past Before you, there was another expedition. Until their communication ceased one day. Now it is your turn to travel where so few go. Get from Earth to the space station, survive the cold harshness of empty space, and then explore the lunar landscape. Traverse on foot, use the rover to cover more distance or maybe there’s a suitable time to try out monorail – how to reach your goal once you buy Deliver Us The Moon key is for you to decide. But keep in mind that oxygen is a precious commodity, so plan accordingly. Active exploration The game is not the one to throw aliens at you at every turn. Instead, your one true enemy will be the environmental restriction. Maybe there’s something blocking your path, or perhaps you need to solve a puzzle to move forward… and maybe you feel the urge to stare out the nearby window, taking in the magnificent vastness of space (we won’t blame you, this game is gloriously designed). And if those aspects are not enough to intimidate you, buy Deliver Us The Moon key and confront the feeling if atmospheric tension constantly hanging over your head. Your mission is of great importance, but can you overcome all that the game throws at you?

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