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  • Производитель: Semnat Studios


Описание и характеристики

Cuphead key brings a 2D bullet-hell shooter game that will challenge your skill through and through. Developed and published by StudioMDHR Entertainment, the title brings old-school vibe with both, it’s picturesque visual design and hardcore gameplay that is both demanding and punishing when not taken with serious intent. Immerse in the 1930s cartoonish hand-drawn art style, call a friend, and prepare for a wild ride ahead.   The Skills Required The title takes skill to play, moreover so, it takes determination and patience to master. Buy Cuphead key and embark on a journey with a hefty ton of overpowered enemies, intense boss fights, and quite a few endearing puzzles to overcome. Put on your game face, sharpen your eyesight, and concentrate on your reflexes as you’ll first need to earn the level of entertainment this title offers.   The Storyline As far as the game’s storyline goes – it’s not the one to be missed. Your controllable character, an adorable little cup, makes a deal with the devil himself and once the debt needs to be repaid, the protagonist is tasked to collect the contracts of those other unfortunate souls which have befallen down upon the devil’s grasp too. Buy Cuphead key and retrieve the devil’s contracts for your soul is on the line. Little did you know: these debtors are the in-game bosses.

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