Wanderlust: Rebirth Steam Key GLOBAL

97 р.
  • Производитель: Chucklefish


Описание и характеристики

Wanderlust Rebirth is an arcade action-adventure RPG developed by Yeti Trunk. Enter the world of Valandria to have some good ol’ fashioned skirmish to prove you are the best, unknowingly so, you are put on a path to save the whole world from demise! Go single-player or co-op and fight alongside 3 of your friends in a story or survival mode! If you are more of a competitive type, you’ll enjoy 4v4 team skirmishes, were team play is the key in tearing your foes apart! Select one of the three difficulty modes, containing three separate endings, face 44different enemy types and 15 notorious bosses on your way. Be the worthiest world saviour of them all!

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