Goat Simulator: GOATY BUNDLE (incl. 5 items) Steam Key GLOBAL

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  • Производитель: Coffee Stain Studios


Описание и характеристики

Goat Simulator: GOATY Bundle is a package of content created specifically for you to enjoy the ultimate goat simulation experience! The bundle is comprised of: • The Base Game, Goat Simulator • Original Soundtrack • GoatZ DLC • PAYDAY DLC • Waste of Space DLC Goat Simulator is an action simulator developed by Coffee Stain Studios. It's a game simulating your daily life and its various ordeals, only there's a twist, YOU ARE A GOAT! And oh no, no, no — don't expect to eat your veggies and chill throughout the day, because you are an awesome Goat and awesome goats do awesome things! Explore the open world from a third person perspective. There's no storyline or plot, there's just you and the world! Run around, jump, smash and lick things to cause wreaking havoc everywhere you go! Various bugs and glitches are to be expected as they were intentionally left in-game! Make a ritual summoning, ride a skateboard, or glue yourself to a rocket and fly away, these are just a few things amongst hundreds if not thousands for you to experience and enjoy. Goat Simulator is as relaxing and casual as it is brilliant and ingenious!

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