PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (IT) PSN Key ITALY

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  • Производитель: Sony Computer Entertainment


Описание и характеристики

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (IT) unlocks access to PS Plus, a paid subscription service on the PlayStation Network. While, in general, the Network is free-of-charge some of its best features are only available for PS Plus owners, and with this deal, you can join the community and enjoy a vast variety of benefits for a whopping 12 months period!   Talking about the benefits – having the PS Plus subscription allows you to take your gaming experience online and share it with millions of players in tons of online multiplayer games that you could potentially be playing right now! Furthermore, buy PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days and get 2 free games each month! And on top of that, enjoy tons of exclusive discounts right from the get-go!   With PS Plus subscription at hand, not only will you be able to play your games online, get the two freebies every month, and use numerous discounts, but you’ll also get an exquisite opportunity to access some of the newest games betas or play through some awesome demos entirely for free! Become a member today and instantly start benefiting from everything that the PS Plus has to offer!   Buy PlayStation Plus Card. 365 Days of non-stop action, adventure, and thousands of shareable moments, just think about it for a second! Also, 24 free games (2 per month) and we’re not even counting the games on which you’ll save with the exclusive deals! Want a complete gaming experience? This right here is your pick!

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