For Honor (Starter Edition) Uplay Key EUROPE

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Get yourself a taste of Honor with Ubisoft’s Honor Starter Edition! This edition includes the full game, full Story and PVP modes, just like the standard version of the game. However, the system for unlocking Heroes is a little different. 3 Vanguard Heroes are already unlocked for you to play from the start! 9 other Heroes are a limited, though, with 3 of them being non-customizable and the other 6 only available in practice mode. Most people have wondered at least once in their life what would happen if a medieval knight faced off against a samurai. You will get the chance to find out in For Honor. This Action game lets you step into the shoes of various samurai, knights, and vikings to see how you stack up in combat against other medieval forces. The melee combat system in this game is one of the most realistic of its kind, the graphics are amazing, choices aplenty. If you find the concept of chasing honor appealing, try out For Honor

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