Might & Magic Heroes VII (Deluxe Edition) Uplay Key GLOBAL

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  • Производитель: Ubisoft


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Expand your Might and Magic Heroes VII game with some extra content, and get a piece of history, with a classic game from the past in the Deluxe Edition for Might & Magic Heroes VII! Deluxe Edition Includes: • The Base Game, Might & Magic Heroes VII • An Exclusive Hero • A new Scenario map • Full Digital Soundtrack • Heroes III - HD Edition Steam game! Might & Magic Heroes VII is yet another edition to the iconic Ubisoft franchise, developed by Limbic. The Throne of your Kingdom has been left empty after the murder of the Empress, you are now set out to take it over! Conquer the world of Ashan by developing your economy, fighting massive battles against mythical creatures, and leading an army of such creatures on your own!

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