PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (IT) PSN Key ITALY

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Описание и характеристики

PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days (IT) is your ticket to absolute freedom on the PlayStation Network! While in general, PSN is considered as a free-to-use service, some of its features are locked behind a monthly subscription fee. PS Plus membership allows you to access these features, and once you’re a member you won’t even consider stopping it. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you’ll love what’s up ahead. Firstly, PS Plus offers you two free games every month! So, during your PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days subscription period, you would get six awesome games. And any of the games that PlayStation Team chooses for a month are definitely worthy of your attention, from the absolute legends to most popular current games, to critically-acclaimed new titles – all for your entertainment! Second, joining the PS Plus community means more than just status. By becoming a member, you get access to online matchmaking which pairs you up to the opponents of your skill level – in a multiplayer game of your choice! With PlayStation Plus Card 90 Days subscription, you can share your playthroughs, connect with friends, watch your friends’ progress, and of course, test your skills against millions of players around the world! Last, but certainly not least, you also get tons of benefits, members-exclusive discounts right from the moment you join the PS Plus! The discounts on games, series, music, and apps are quite real, and you are sure to save a pretty penny no matter what you buy! Furthermore, there’s also a chance that you’ll be able to enter the latest games beta tests with ease, just by being a member!

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