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Описание и характеристики

X-Rebirth is an action space simulator developed by Egosoft. Enter the X Universe and experience it’s vast, immersive and spectacular environments first-hand. Fly through numerous planets where you and your female companion will experience countless adventures together. Trade whatever parts you may find, buy new ones, and upgrade your ship to be the force to reckon with! Fight glorious space battles, from small skirmishes to epic fleet warfare, you’ll experience it all! Develop your own empire with trading stations, large factories, farms, and high-tech development units! An immersive story line will lead you throughout the game, but you may not necessarily follow it, as your destiny lies entirely in your capable hands! Meet the various life forms of the galaxy, from humans, to amazing alien species, the X-Rebirth galaxy has it all!game mechanics like computer hacking, and various upgrades to character’s suits!

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