BioShock Infinite - Season Pass (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

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  • Производитель: 2K Games


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Bioshock Infinite: Season Pass unlocks a vast variety of additional Bioshock Infinite content that you simply cannot bypass. Enjoy new weapons, new missions, exclusive gear and more in-game additions that only the Season Pass holders can experience! Bioshock Infinite: Season Pass includes: • Clash in the Clouds – 60 challenges in four brand-new environments, along with many other additions! • Burial at Sea, ep 1 — a whole new story line quest, complete with chills, thrills, and discoveries to make! • Burial at Sea, ep 2 — film-noir style concluding episode to the saga. Experience the BioShock universe from a whole different perspective! • Early Bird Special Pack — four pieces of exclusive gear, Machine gun damage upgrade, pistol damage upgrade, golden skin for both weapons, along with 5 infusion bottles!

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