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The Walking Dead is a graphical adventure game, played from third-person perspective, developed by Telltale and based on The Walking Dead comic book series. The Walking Dead: Season 2 Steam key continues the journey in the zombie-infested world where extinction of mankind, once a speculation, is now a reality. In The Walking Dead: Season Two, you play as an orphaned girl called Clementine that tries everything in her power to survive the walking corpses that seem to find her everywhere! Remarkable gameplay returns Many months have passed since the events that wrapped up The Walking Dead: Season One game story, and Clementine is in search of a safe shelter now. Explore environments, examine and interact with various objects and initiate conversations with NPC characters through vast conversation trees. As in the previous episode, there’s limited time to pick your answer, otherwise the character remains silent, which also impacts the further development of the game. Prepare for the 2nd thrilling journey in the post-apocalyptic world, and the continuous struggle for survival! Struggle and live The Walking Dead: Season 2 Steam key delivers a story filled with frenzied events as befits a post-apocalyptic zombie infestation trope. Clementine, being completely alone in the dangerous world, seeks help and groups with people who end up getting murdered or turned to zombies. Get ready to be on the run practically all the time and don’t trust anyone because humans may be just as much of a threat as the walking dead! The narrative is veiled in fear, intrigues, betrayal, hope and death as you, assuming the role of a helpless girl, are out in the cold, dying world. Major gameplay features The Walking Dead: Season 2 Steam key delivers a title that deals with a gripping story and entertaining gameplay features that heavily improve the overall experience of The Walking Dead. • Beautifully drawn. Enjoy the graphically pleasing visualisations as you make your way through the post-apocalyptic world; • Linear narrative. The story is told in a coherent manner but it is filled with unexpected plot twists and hazardous events to depict the state of the world; • Explorable game world. You can explore the in-game world and interact with NPCs you meet along the way; • Cheaper The Walking Dead: Season 2 price.

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