Iron Sky Invasion: Deluxe Content Steam Key GLOBAL

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  • Производитель: TopWare Interactive


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Requires base game: Iron Sky: Invasion All-new in-game content to expand your Iron Sky experience tenfold! The Moon-Nazis are doomed for sure!   Iron Sky Invasion: Digital Deluxe Edition includes: • KATAR Spacecraft — this is your weapon, this is your answer, this is the key to Nazi demise! • $250.000 — you’ll sure find where to spend them! • 25 Salvage Parts — use them, sell them, salvage them, do whatever is necessary to defeat the Nazis! • The Digital Artbook — something to do while not fighting the swarms of space-Nazi soldiers. The whole 72 pages of something to do. • MP3 Soundtrack — some music for the background, the screams, the shouts, the terror, all can be replaced with this soothing melody. • 8 Full-HD Wallpapers — your desktop is now a beacon of hope and freedom! • ’’Making-of’’ Content — see how Iron Sky Invasion came to be. Interviews, pictures, and plenty more! • Digital Game and Movie Poster!

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