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JoWooD Vienna and THQ Nordic present a fun single-player game compilation that has been entertaining players for many years now and has become an unforgettable classic. Neighbours from Hell Compilation Steam key provides a package of top-notch entertainment packed with laughter and engaging time spent doing what everyone loves doing – annoying your neighbour! Buy Neighbours from Hell Compilation PC key, invite friends over and have a good blast performing the most hilarious tricks to tick off your neighbour heartlessly. A hilarious gameplay Typically, puzzle games do not receive that much attention, but Neighbours from Hell managed to create a puzzle game that has players burst in laughter and rejoice as they fulfil their darkest fantasies. Assume the role of a remarkable prankster called Woody who has a devilish streak, must to his neighbour’s misfortune. The goal of the game is to keep your rating high, and to do that, you must collect items scattered across the house and use them to prank your neighbour. Buy Neighbours from Hell Compilation (PC) Steam key and come up with grandiose chains of pranks to freak your neighbour out and not stop laughing from the hilarious anger outbursts coming from the victim of your evil frivolities! A generous compilation Neighbours from Hell Compilation PC contains the original Neighbours from Hell game as well as the sequel – Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation. The original game has you creeping around the house as silently as possible, and pulling off pranks one by one to score high in ranks and drive your neighbour crazy. The second game changes the circumstances a little – you and the camera team sneak along onto the cruise liner and believe us, the neighbour will not be happy at all, but you will have a fantastic time. Besides, the sequel has more characters for you to drive to their limits as the neighbour takes his mother on the vacation as well. Major gameplay features Neighbours from Hell Compilation Steam key offers gameplay features to keep even the pickiest players entertained, as it is a simplistic title that offers an unforgettable comedy experience. • More than just a puzzle game. Although it is a classic puzzle game, it involves stealth, skill and precision to perform ambushes as well as tricks as the right time to get the highest score possible; • Fun graphics. The game contains easy-to-use interface, smooth controls and wholesome cartoonish art style; • Remarkable soundtrack. The title can pride itself on a fun and dynamic soundtrack that creates a light-hearted atmosphere; • Cheaper Neighbours from Hell Compilation price.

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