Star Wars: Battlefront - Season Pass (DLC) Origin Key GLOBAL

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STAR WARS: Battlefront Season Pass provides numerous additions to your galaxy! Expand and explore new environments, technologies, play modes, and of course new heroes! Season Pass is your ultimate ticket across the far and wide Star Wars galaxy! STAR WARS: Battlefront Season Pass includes: • Outer Rim Expansion Pack — visit Jabba the Hutt’s palace! • Bespin Expansion Pack — traverse the notorious Cloud City of Bespin! • Death Star Expansion Pack — yes, Death Star! • Rogue One: Scarif Expansion Pack — all-new content inspired by Rogue One! • 20 New pieces of galactic tech, weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards. • 16 New awesome maps. • 4 New game modes! • 8 New heroes to play as or against! Star Wars Battlefront is an action shooter game developed by EA DICE. It’s a reshaped, redesigned, and revived version of the original Star Wars: Battlefront that came out in 2004. Play for your favourite characters such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo and more! Traverse planets like Endor, Hoth, Bespin, and Sullust! Use variety of vehicles including speedbikes, AT-STs and many other! Participate in epic grand battles in a variety of multiplayer modes, which are the main focus of Star Wars Battlefront! Compete against the greatest warriors in the galaxy and shift the axis of power in the ever-lasting struggle between the Empire and the Resistance!

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