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  • Производитель: Square Enix


Описание и характеристики

Are you ready for the next great third-person shooter? You better be because Left Alive key is coming! Developed and published by the highly reputable Square Enix, the game takes the already popular “war in the future” theme to new lands! The SettingThe game takes place in the year 2127, more than a hundred years from now, where a war has torn apart the lands of Novo Slava in the current day Russia. By this time in history, the war technologies have been taken over by powerful machines that are only assisted by human action. However, with Left Alive key, you have no such technology and face off against the foes in a man vs machine encounter! The GameplayYour Left Alive key unlocks a game with vast possibilities when it comes to gameplay! You are presented with all the tools you need for a smart, calculated, and stealthy game. You will be able to collect resources and craft goods that will help your survival. However, if you want to go crazy, go ahead! You can take part in some epic and explosive gun battles and if lucky enough, come out of them alive! See Through 3 Sets Of EyesThere are three main characters in the game with varying, unique storylines, each of them more challenging than the other! The moment you buy Left Alive key will mark the beginning of a new, epic adventure that sees you trying your best to keep the best human qualities alive in a world ridden by war and machines!

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