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The world as we know it is no more! Humans have been swept away from the surface of Earth and the eerie ruins left behind are the only things reminiscent of the past. There are, however, mutant animals roaming the lands, looking for a way to survive. In Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden key will unlock the door to a ‘The Bearded Ladies’ role-playing adventure where you will take control of a team of mutants. Keep on Mutating! As you complete missions, you will level-up. Every one of your mutants gains a point upon levelling-up, use those points to increase their stats or complete new mutations that grant the characters unique powers! Be Stealthy You need to be careful, you are always outnumbered by your opponents, therefore, you need to outsmart them, not outpower them. If you get caught, you may pay the ultimate Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden price and see your team fall to their deaths. Immersing Storytelling Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden has managed to find the perfect balance between gameplay, amazing voiceover, and cutscenes that capture all the attention. You will struggle to keep your eyes away from the game even if you try, as there is simply never a dull moment while you play!

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