Moss Destruction Steam Key GLOBAL

46 р.
  • Производитель: Shotgun with Glitters


Описание и характеристики

A fast-paced rogue-lite with procedurally generated, action packed levels. Rank up and install Mech Tech upgrades from an overstock! Snap on ability cartridges to your battle-mech, slay huge bosses through 3 distinctive worlds and guide your tiny green heroes towards victory! • Tackle over 50 exotic creatures through 3 unique worlds of isometric mayhem -  amongst them the brand new Dark Moon Magic, a grim world of the arcane! • Play as the hero of your choice! 3 heroes await you, each with their own special perks! • Rank up! Install Mech-Tech upgrades as suits your playstyle best with each run! • Experiment with unknown tech! With the randomized per run power-ups, upgrades and the smooth procedural generation of levels, no two runs are the same! • Collect and spend Krysol in the shop to gain permanent upgrade cartridges for your mech! • Pick your weapon of choice from an arsenal of guns + 4 new tools of devastation, never seen before the final release! • Defeat humongous bosses in strange lands in fast paced action! • Unlock 33 challenging and at least peculiarly humorous achievements! • Enjoy the sweet and crispy, hand drawn artstyle and full controller support! • Next up: feature of the future - a co-op mode is coming to the game! Grab your Steam key today and guide your tiny, green heroes to a hard earned, much satisfying victory!

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