Titan Quest Anniversary Edition + Ragnarök (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

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Titan Quest fans, you have the permission to get excited! Iron Lore has released a special edition for the game’s 10-year anniversary! Much like the Gold Edition, the Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition key includes the Main Game along with the Immortal Throne expansion that acts as a sequel to the main storyline. Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition key presents a Hack-and-slash role-playing game that takes place in the ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, and China. You play as the protagonist set out on a quest to defeat mythical monsters, known as the Titans, after they had escaped a prison that held them captive. Prove that you have the blood of a Hero running through your veins, as you protect the world from the impending danger! Unlike any other editions, Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition key includes many improvements made to the game. It introduces an all-new feature for multiplayer, built-in voice chat, which will make communicating in the game much easier! On top of that, it offers multiple new heroes and bosses along with improved AI! And we’re barely scratching the surface here! Titan Quest Anniversary Edition key also offers improved performance, supports more resolutions, countless bugs are fixed, items and masteries are better balanced, and the ability to cheat in game is reduced! Long story short, the Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition key unlocks the ultimate experience for you!

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